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Our Mission

Here at Farm to Board, we believe in sourcing only the finest cheeses, freshest meats, and most unique and delicious accompaniments.

We hand select every item from local sources whenever possible, and take pride in our unique curations and creations!


Please check our booking calendar for availability before checking out. Please note that if you are viewing the calendar on a mobile device it may only show the dates that have already been booked. If you don't see a date listed, it is available! We require 48 hours notice for all orders.

Please be sure to check availability on the day you need before placing your order.


Our Current Offerings

At Farm to Board, we aim to focus on local cheeses + charcuterie, sourcing only American made products.  

Accoutrements for our boards are chosen to highlight the season as well as the cheeses + charcuterie on each board.  


Califon Tomme- Valley Sheppard Creamery (NJ)

Raw milk ,Creamy, tangy with an unforgetfull finish resembling the gouda or Edam texture. Aged 3-6 months.

Verigoat- Valley Sheppard Creamery (NJ)

Goat milk with added goat rennet create a surprising creamy pate, and flowery aroma. Semi hard cheese

Shepherd's Basket- Valley Sheppard Creamery (NJ)

A manchego style sheep's milk cheese, rubbed in olive oil, aged a minimum of 5 months.

Goat Cheese Logs- Valley Shepherd Creamery (NJ)

Black River Blue (WI)

Creamy ivory with blue/gray veins.  Crumbly, yet firm.  

Harbison - Jasper Hill Creamery (VT)

A soft-ripened cheese with a rustic, bloomy rind

Bonne Bouche- Vermont Creamery (VT)

Aged goats milk cheese.  French for "tasty little bite"

Murray's Mini Brie (NY)

Creamy, mild, buttery flavor


Murray's Genoa Salami (Dry-Cured)

Olympia Provisions Sopressata Salami (Dry-Cured)- (OR)

Prosciutto San Danielle


Catskill Provisions Raw Wildflower Honey


Croccantini Original Crackers 

 Contact Us 

After years of building cheeseboards for family events, we decided to share our passion for artisanal cheeses and charcuterie with you! We are twin sisters Dana + Danielle, and along with our mom Cindie, created Farm to Board.


We would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and suggestions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Simply click the image under the tab "order a board" to be redirected to the order page.  Select your quantity, and add to your cart.

Can you create custom orders for events?

Sure!  Just scroll down to the "Contact Us" tab and drop us a line.  Explain what you are looking for and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Is the wooden board included in my order?

Yes! All of our boards, with exception of the picnic boxes, come with a board.   

Do you accommodate food allergies/sensitivities?

All of our boards are served with nuts.  Our crackers are made with gluten products.If you have a food allergy or sensitivity, please let us know so we can customize your order.  Note- there may be additional costs

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